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Eats Out East

Fancy eating vegan in East London, but not sure what to get? Here I showcase the best places to get your veggie fix when you can’t quite be bothered to cook for yourself.

The ‘Veggie’ Option

We’ve all been there. You go out for dinner with your non-veggie friends to find your only option is a pile of limp leaves. I have thus made it my mission to try the good, bad and ugly ‘veggie’ options from various restaurants, take-aways and subscription services.

Veg of the Month

Eating seasonal is the most sustainable (and delicious) way to enjoy our fruits and veggies, but it can be hard when you don’t know a.) what’s in season and b.) what to do with it. Every month I pick an in season veg and give you some ideas on how to use it, with detailed recipes every week.

Plant-Based Picks

There are more plant-based options in supermarkets now than ever before, but which are the best? Here I give you the highlights and lowlights of the vegan isle.

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