Recipe: Creamy Leek and Mushroom Pasty

It isn’t quite spring yet, and no matter how many glimpses of sun we get there’s still a lot of rain and cold to come. These Leek and Mushroom Pasties are a great remedy for a wet day, with a light heat from the mustard and black pepper to remind us that warmer days are soon to come. This recipe makes three large pasties, which can be stored in the fridge or frozen after baking and reheated whenever you want to have them again. Side note: I used the Oatly Cream Cheese in this recipe, but their Creme Fraîche would also help to add the creamy richness required to balance out the heat.


  • Large Frying Pan
  • Large Oven Tray
  • Baking Paper
  • Fork


  • 300g Mushrooms (I used Closed Cap), roughly chopped
  • 1 Large Leek, trimmed, washed and sliced into 1cm ‘half moons’
  • 1 Tbsp (Vegan) Butter
  • Sea Salt
  • Black Pepper
  • 1 Tbsp Dijon Mustard 
  • 2 Tbsp (Vegan) Cream Cheese
  • Plant Milk (I used oat)
  • 1 Sheet of Ready-Rolled Puff Pastry (surprisingly, most of these are vegan, though it is best to double check)


Preheat your oven to 180°C (Fan) and line the oven tray with baking paper.

Heat your frying pan over a high heat, and then add your mushrooms and reduce to medium. Add a pinch of salt and cook for 8-10 mins, stirring occasionally. You’ll know the mushrooms are ready when any liquid has boiled off and they have significantly reduced in size. Set aside in a separate bowl.

To the same pan, add your butter, allowing to mostly melt before throwing in your leeks. Cook for around 5-6 mins, during which you can add a splash of water to speed up the cooking process. When the leeks are cooked, add back the mushrooms and season well with lots of black pepper.

Turn off the heat and add the cream cheese, mustard and a splash of plant milk, stirring together until the mixture is well combined. Check the seasoning, then set aside.

Unravel the pastry and cut into three even rectangles. Spoon the leek and mushroom filling onto one half of each rectangle, making sure to leave a 2-3cm empty space around the edge of the pastry.

Wet a finger (or pastry brush if you have one) with plant milk, and run along the space surrounding the filling. Drape the empty half of each rectangle over the filling, and press gently to seal. Using a fork, press down along the outside of each pasty to prevent spillages. Brush over lightly with more plant milk, add a crack of black pepper and cut two holes in the top for air release.

Place in the centre of the pre-heated oven for 25 mins, or until the pastry is well-puffed and golden brown. Allow to rest for a minute before serving with a side of potato wedges and a big serving of leafy greens.

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