Recipe: Ginger-Spiced Carrot Pancakes

To round off what has been a very fun endeavour into the many uses of carrots, I thought I’d end on a very simple note with these crispy, sweet pancakes with a kick of ginger. With very few ingredients and very little prep, this recipe uses up the last few carrots at the bottom ofContinue reading “Recipe: Ginger-Spiced Carrot Pancakes”

Recipe: Roasted Carrot and Red Lentil Bake

You know food is going to be tasty when it’s bright and colourful, but this recipe really takes ‘orange’ to new levels. If the carrots weren’t vibrant enough on their own, there are also red lentils, paprika and cayenne, and a touch of tomato paste to create a tray-bake feast for the eyes as wellContinue reading “Recipe: Roasted Carrot and Red Lentil Bake”

Temple of Seitan: Fried “Chick’n” Worth Giving a Cluck About

There are many kinds of love. Romantic comes to mind most often, but love isn’t all about heart shaped boxes and kisses on the corner. There’s platonic love for those friends you really couldn’t be without, and familial love for the people who raised you to be the person you are today. And then there’sContinue reading “Temple of Seitan: Fried “Chick’n” Worth Giving a Cluck About”

Recipe: Quick and Spicy Carrot Soup

Carrot and coriander soup is a classic winter warmer, but this recipe cranks up the heat with curry-style spices and a hint of chilli. This soup is relatively quick to whip up, and makes around 2-3 servings (depending of how much you like soup), so is great to switch up a lunchtime routine. If youContinue reading “Recipe: Quick and Spicy Carrot Soup”

Roman Road’s Cosiest Café: Mae + Harvey x Ling Ling’s

Tucked in a corner on bustling Roman Road, when you walk into Mae + Harvey it feels more like you’ve popped over to a friend’s house than into a café. The deep blue exterior leads into an incredibly well lit seating area, adorned with delicate micro-bouquets of dainty flowers on each table. It’s bigger thanContinue reading “Roman Road’s Cosiest Café: Mae + Harvey x Ling Ling’s”

Recipe: Loaf-Style (Vegan) Carrot Cake

That carrots, a vegetable firmly rooted in the world of savoury, are the main component of perhaps the best type of cake truly feels like one of life’s great mysteries. Less of a mystery is how it tastes so good. It has all the elements one can desire in the perfect cake: a soft sponge,Continue reading “Recipe: Loaf-Style (Vegan) Carrot Cake”

Pasta Evangelists: The Self-Styled Saviours of Vegan Pasta

There is just nothing quite as comforting after a hard week as a hot bowl of fresh pasta. Alas, vegan fresh pasta is a bit hard to come by, with most supermarket options of the egg-based variety. Dried pasta, though perfectly adequate for the task at hand, lacks the luxurious quality of fresh pasta, asContinue reading “Pasta Evangelists: The Self-Styled Saviours of Vegan Pasta”

February 2021: Carrots

Root vegetables are an absolute staple in the winter, and so where better to kick off ‘Veg of the Month’ than the humble carrot. Usually bright orange in colour (though varieties of yellow, black and purple all exist), carrots can be found in countless dishes and bakes. They’re versatile in texture, from completely crunchy rawContinue reading “February 2021: Carrots”