Symposium: Pasta-based Escapism

In these strange times, when the greatest adventure is to the big Sainsburys, the longing to travel has become all the more fervent. Those days of wandering around bustling airports, free from the constraints of conventional time, seem so distant. So too does that rush of warm air that awakens your body from its worn-downContinue reading “Symposium: Pasta-based Escapism”

La Fauxmagerie: Cheese, But Not Cheese, But Better

It is time for a confession. I fear I have misled you, dear reader, for I am yet to bridge that final gap between vegetarianism and veganism. I have been able to shun milk and butter, cast aside eggs, but there is one battle yet to be won. My sin is not an uncommon one,Continue reading “La Fauxmagerie: Cheese, But Not Cheese, But Better”

Sutton & Sons Vegan: A Slice of Seaside in East London (Minus the Fish)

There’s a traditional British reaction to even the shortest moment of sun: shorts on and head to the nearest beach for fish and chips on the seafront. Naturally, in London a good beach is a bit hard to come by, unless you risk sitting on the banks of the Thames at low tide, which probablyContinue reading “Sutton & Sons Vegan: A Slice of Seaside in East London (Minus the Fish)”

Temple of Seitan: Fried “Chick’n” Worth Giving a Cluck About

There are many kinds of love. Romantic comes to mind most often, but love isn’t all about heart shaped boxes and kisses on the corner. There’s platonic love for those friends you really couldn’t be without, and familial love for the people who raised you to be the person you are today. And then there’sContinue reading “Temple of Seitan: Fried “Chick’n” Worth Giving a Cluck About”

Roman Road’s Cosiest Café: Mae + Harvey x Ling Ling’s

Tucked in a corner on bustling Roman Road, when you walk into Mae + Harvey it feels more like you’ve popped over to a friend’s house than into a café. The deep blue exterior leads into an incredibly well lit seating area, adorned with delicate micro-bouquets of dainty flowers on each table. It’s bigger thanContinue reading “Roman Road’s Cosiest Café: Mae + Harvey x Ling Ling’s”